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MK-2866 (S-4 / Ostarine)

MK-2866 S-4 Ostarine Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators
Categories: SARMS.
Synonyms: Ostarine, enobasarm, gtx-024, Andarine, S-4, SARM

CAS: 401900-40-1
MF: C19H18F3N3O6
MW: 441.36
Appearance: white powder
Ostarine Use: Increasing lean mass gains; Enhancement for strength; Bodybuiling exercise; Joint healing abilities ; Hormone Anabolic raw material ( even at doses as low as 3mg )

Ostarine belongs to a class of chemicals know as SARMS or selective androgen receptor modulators . SARMS create selective anabolic activity at certain androgen receptors . In comparison to testosterone and other anabolic steroids , the advantage of SARMS , is they do not have androgenic activity in non - skeletal muscle tissues . Ostarine is effective in maintaining and increasing lean body mass .

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